Lending a Personal Touch to the Workplace

The interiors of Oval Office, one of the most powerful seats of power in the world, were recently redecorated for the new US president Joe Biden. The makeover includes a Clinton-era royal blue rug, and lots of artworks and sculptures, and a thick leather chair. As a signifier of the leader’s personality, an office space can work wonders in establishing authority and commitment to brand values.

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Personalising the workspace according to individual taste and preferences is a big part of work, and becomes especially important for the management to lend a personal touch to their cabins and reflect leadership style and vision for the future. Here is when luxury meets functional design at the workplace. Far from being elemental, leaders and managers are choosing to use premium and durable material, furniture, wall decor and lighting as an extension of their professional identities. The design goal? Create a space that speaks for the leader right from the first step inside. Starting from a heavy door, to wooden panels, upholstery of visitor chairs, noise-proofing, a glass-topped desk, bookcases, blinds or curtains, carpeting, choice of art, and spaciousness are some features that design professionals can consider altering while tailoring the leader’s cabin.